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Movies on board

Head and Neck - SRS

Mouth bite technic

cut outs For The Eyes

Head part 1

Head part 2

Nano Orfit

Vizag Breast Board

Breast Board Vizag


Penis Scrotum Spoon

Positioning Scrotum

Special Leg Support With Bolus

Radiotherapy Upgrade Tongue depressor

Radiotherapy DSPS Open Face With A Bite

Prone Support

Radiotherapy Silicon Bolus On Top Of Head Support

Radiotherapy Fixation Of A Leg sarcoma Treatment

Radiotherapy Testing LEX Ultra For Positioning Of Legs

Another Leg Support, Sarcoma Treatment

Silicon bolus

Baseplate on cyberknife tabletop

Head and neck Shoulder

Another Prone Support

Stereotactic Frame

O type Mask

Double Shell Positioning System

Making a tungdepressor

Push Pin Mask

Multi Board CT

Head CT