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Introduction of our Company KRS-IPL:

Kalyani Radiotherapy Specialty India Pvt. Ltd., Trichy was founded in 2005. The main focus of the company being distribution and installation of Radiotherapy products in India and neighboring countries. It is also planned to start local production of several disposables, used in Radiotherapy Mould Room. Already Brachytherapy applicators like catheters, Flexible needles are being manufactured locally and supplied at affordable price.

First I introduce Kalyani Radiotherapy Specialty India (P) Ltd., Trichy. (KRS) founded by Mr. V P Sundararaj, a Post-Graduate in Physics with Specialization in Electronics. The company was formally named as Isodose Control India (P) Ltd.

He served Nucletron, India from 1986 till 2000, a pioneer company in Manufacturing state of the art Brachytherapy, Simulators and Treatment planning systems etc., He is a proud disciple of Mr. Dhandapani, MD (Retd.,), Nucletron Trading India Pvt. Ltd, by whose able guidance, has become a veteran in Radiotherapy devices.

He also served as CEO in Isodose Control India Pvt., Ltd, from 2005 till 2010, which was a subsidiary of Isodose Control, Netherlands, a manufacturer and supplier of next Generation Brachytherapy Machine (Flexitron) with Treatment Planning system.

He is one of very few persons in India, who has in-depth knowledge of various radiotherapy systems and vast experience in Radiotherapy immobilization devices.

The company KRS is the Exclusive distributor for the Products of Macromedics, Netherlands. An innovator, who manufactures the Next Generation Patient Movement Management devices and Patient Immobilization systems.

Macromedics is the innovator of TRUE Carbon Fibre Products. Their founder Mr. Leo, by profession is a technologist and a pioneer, who had introduced Carbon Fibre to Radiotherapy and Radiology department in 1992. Subsequently, all LA manufacturing companies have started using carbon fibre for their LA Machine.

Macromedics is the only company, having carbon fibre products made of True Carbon Fibre conforming to TG176 Recommendations. Due to advanced treatment planning systems and Highly efficient LA Machines with high definition MLC, the organ delineation has resulted in minimum margin. This reflects on to the accurate patient’s immobilization.

To achieve best possible result, we need to have a highly advanced and user friendly next generation Mould Room devices and also very accurate immobilization tools (masks etc.,) The accuracy and the treatment conformal starts form Mould room. To cater to the above mentioned needs, we have a wide range of products, which you are at liberty to choose according to your need and requirement.

Our vision:

An efficient and effective Radiotherapy treatment is based on the most optimal positioning of the patient. We see patient comfort as a crucial element in the patient set-up and the treatment process and therefore it is in the centre of our design approach.

An Individualised, personal approach of the patient, combined with dedicated and innovative positioning products will result in an optimised control of processes and workflow efficiency. Anticipating on new trends in treatment techniques such as hyper fractionation and arc therapy as well as optimizing the treatment processes belongs to our core activities.

Input from daily practice and an open and direct communication with radiotherapy professionals provide us with valuable guidelines. This defines our basis and is the driving factor for development the right ideas and visions for unique and high end quality products and solutions using modern components, materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Kalyani Radiotherapy Specialty India (P) Ltd,
A-6 Vignesh Plaza,
No:11, First Floor,
Thillainagar, Trichy-620018
Thamil Nadu, India.

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