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SSPS® - Carbon Fibre

ssps head and neckMacroMedics introduces the Single Shell Positioning System (SSPS®), a brand-new system offering increased stability for head, neck and shoulder positioning. Based on an accurate mechanical principle, the SSPS distinguishes itself from existing head, neck and shoulder systems and presents a completely new approach for increased set-up stability.
A shortcoming of all current thermoplastic mask systems is that the mask material often becomes overstretched. This results in thin material and thus less stable patient set-up. The solution: the new Single Shell Positioning System (SSPS) that focuses on the patient´s facial contours which are relevant for a precise repositioning.
The ultra-light and extremely rigid cradle can be clicked on the baseplate in seconds and forms a rigid link between mask and baseplate. The mask is limited to the relevant boundaries of the patients facial contours. By fixing the mask to the rigid carbon fiber cradle instead of pulling it down to the baseplate, the mask remains compact and will not be overstretched. This will clearly contribute to the stability of the patient set-up.
The SSPS differentiates itself by an improved mechanical approach resulting in better rigidity. It combines easy handling with set-up stability, precision and reproducibility. The SSPS is an innovative and state of the art solution for precise radiotherapy in the head, neck and shoulder region.
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The SSPS features:

  • A standard carbon fiber cradle that can be combined with MacroMedics MaxSupport™ head supports
  • Optional: set of 4 cradles with integrated wedges of 5°, 10°, 15° and 7° inclination wedge
  • Optional: set of 2 cradles with integrated blocks of 15 and 30mm height

ssps diagram

Facial contours and reference points relevant for the positioning and immobilization of the patient are all found above the undercut line. With the current fixation systems, the ‘gap’ between the undercut line and the baseplate is covered by thin overstretched thermoplastic material.

One system, 3 possibilities